A updated list of most commonly asked questions by STUDIO users.

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STUDIO Security Checklist
What are the security measures for the sites created by STUDIO?
How to embed Twitter feed into STUDIO
How to embed a Facebook Page
The RSS display is not updated in the Editor or Live Preview.
Is it possible to add Javascript to the website?

How can I autoplay the carousel/slider?
Can I upload a font, or use a font I have?
The warning modal appears as "Design Editor storage getting full."
I can't edit the text
I created a modal menu, but I'm having trouble closing the modal.
The key to creating a vertical Modal
How to change the image in the mobile view
How do I change my "Home Page" (page type)?
The animation set using "Appear" is not displayed.
The images disappear on my tablet or mobile. What should I do?
Mobile design is reflected in the PC design as well.
Is it possible to change the image only when on mobile?
How to align the box horizontally
Is there a code output function?
How to place a Twitter share button
How to create a "Share" button
I don't know how to change elements in a template.
How to activate the phone or email app
How to set up a background video
How can I manage space around a movie when I place a movie as a background?
How to create a slanted background
Why a box height should be auto?
On Android, the images are displayed incorrectly.
Can I create a breadcrumb list?
Can I set up the download button?
Can I change text colors partially?
I can't copy & paste
How to set up a link to make a phone call
How to create a Hamburger menu
Horizontal scroll does not show scroll bar
Can I apply a parallaxing effect?
How many directory hierarchies can I make
Can I select and copy multiple boxes at once?
Can I place a box at the bottom or right edge of the screen?
When I upload a long vertical image, it makes image coarse. What should I do?
How to freely change the placement of the image in the box
File Formats and Size Limits When Uploading
Can I put/pin an image on the background?
How to swap the image by hover
Can't put text on the image.
Fixed image ratio
About the Font Awesome Icon Version Update