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The warning modal appears as "Design Editor storage getting full."
The warning modal appears as "Design Editor storage getting full."
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This modal window appears when the design data in a project exceeds a certain amount and is approaching its limit.

*A certain amount is a large amount so you will see this rarely.

The design data here are the strings to display the site design on the editor that grows in size depending on the number of pages/boxes and style settings. It does not include the volume of images and external services placed on the editor.

Once it exceeds the limit, you will not be able to add/delete new pages and duplicate pages.

Although there is no problem with the operation when the modal window appears, it will reach the limit someday if you continue using it as you do.

Please consider the following three measures to reduce data volume.

Delete unused and unnecessary pages

By deleting pages, you can reduce the amount of design data.

Utilize the symbol function

Symbolize elements that can be used repeatedly, such as headers and footers.

Simply copying and pasting a box will create design data for each part. By creating symbols, you can reduce the design data to a single amount even if they are placed in multiple locations. For details, read Symbols|STUDIO U.

Utilize CMS function

One of the characteristics of a project that generates alerts is the case where a large number of vertical pages are duplicated, and only some text and images are changed.

In this case, we recommend using a CMS (dynamic page). As with symbols, design data can be consolidated into a single dynamic page on the editor, greatly reducing the amount of space required.

Also, lists placed on the page can be replaced with CMS lists, which will reduce in the same way.

For more information about CMS, please see the following YouTube video and help articles.

If you have any questions, click ? button in the bottom right corner of the editor/dashboard and contact support via chat.

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