Adding a Dynamic Modal

Use a dynamic modal window (pop-up) to display items from your CMS model.

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What is a dynamic modal?

A dynamic modal is a pop-up window that shows various CMS data, like images and text, from your CMS dashboard. Instead of going to a new page, dynamic modals let you present information within a pop-up window on the same page.

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Because of the modal’s dynamic nature, it can show different content within your CMS model, while reusing the same modal design every time.

This means you can display different project details or job listings inside the modal window, depending on the CMS item the user clicked.

Adding a Dynamic Modal

  1. Click on the Add Page button in the upper right corner of the Design Editor.

  2. Click ">" and select “Dynamic Modal.”

  3. Select the CMS model you wish to link to.

Connecting CMS data

Add text and image boxes on the dynamic modal and connect them to CMS properties.

For more information, refer to the following article.

Designing a dynamic modal

The modal can be styled in the same way as a normal box. You can also set transitions (display animation).

For more information, refer to the following article.

Using path

By turning on “Use Path,” viewers can share the URL to the modal. “Use Path" can be turned on in the page setup for dynamic modals.

For more information, refer to the following article.

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