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How to make a Carousel / Slider using CMS Data
How to make a Carousel / Slider using CMS Data

A simple carousel feature to display CMS items

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You can add a carousel box that displays CMS items.

If you want to use list data on the design editor for the carousel, please refer to the "How to make a Carousel / Slider using List Data" article.

Adding CMS carousel

From the Add panel of the Design Editor, you can add a CMS carousel.

If you haven't activated the CMS, press Launch STUDIO CMS first.

Editing carousel content

By default, each item in the "Posts" model in the CMS dashboard is a single card in the carousel. The number of pages also depends on the number of items on this dashboard.

Click the blue box on the corner of the carousel to open the settings panel where you can select the model you want to reference. You can also filter and set a limit on items to be displayed. Read Dynamic list|STUDIO U for more information.

You can configure the autoplay of the Carousel on the settings panel.

The slides will stop when you hover the cursor over the slide or focus on the slide with keyboard operation when you turn on the Pause on hover option.

If the carousel is a previous version without the autoplay option, click on “Convert” in the panel on the right to enable new autoplay options. Read How can I autoplay the carousel/slider?|STUDIO U for more information.

Changing the properties to associate with

If you select a text or image box in a carousel box, you can choose which properties to display from the top left content panel.


  • The maximum number of items that can be displayed in the carousel is 50.

  • The maximum number of items that can be displayed simultaneously on the same screen in the carousel is 7.

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