💡 This function is not available in the Starter plan.

You can place a carousel box that displays CMS items.

If you want to use the list data on the design editor for the carousel, please refer to the "How to make a Carousel / Slider using List Data" article.

By default, each item in the "Posts" model in the CMS dashboard is a single card in the carousel.

The number of pages also depends on the number of items on this dashboard.

There is a carousel box on the second CMS menu, and just like a normal box, you can place them in the carousel box. The layout of text boxes, buttons and other elements in the carousel box are common to all cards. You can edit it just like a normal box.

Linking Content

Change the model to reference

Select the model you want to reference from the content panel at the top left of the selection box of the carousel box.

Changing the properties to associate with

If you select a text or image box in a carousel box, you can choose which properties to display from the top left content panel.

*Currently, auto-playing slideshows cannot be created with STUDIO.

*In modal windows, the carousel may not work well in responsive mode.

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