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Adding a Modal Menu
Adding a Modal Menu

Use modals (pop-ups) to display additional information on your page.

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What is a modal?

A modal is a pop-up window that appears on top of a page. They help direct viewer attention to specific content or actions. Therefore, they are useful for enriching designs, such as showing bigger images, displaying side menus, or prompting users to subscribe or buy something.

Once created, a modal can be set as a link destination from an image or a button on the page. When clicked, the modal appears.

Adding a modal

Click the Add Page button in the upper right corner of the editor.

Select "Modal."

Designing a modal

You can size and style the modal like a normal box.

When changing the opacity of the outer fill area, use Live Preview for precise adjustments.

When setting transitions (display animations), select the topmost box (Backdrop). Please note that detailed adjustments, such as transition speed, are not currently available.

Sharing Dynamic Modals

For you or visitors to share a modal using a URL, turn on "Use Paths” in the page settings. When turned on, any path can be set. The URL will end with the format "m={path name of modal you set}".

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