STUDIO CMS is now available in the "CMS" tab of the dashboard. STUDIO 3.0 provides the ability to manage data for content displayed on websites. STUDIO CMS is displayed on the website within the "CMS" tab of the dashboard. This function can manage the data of the content.

Blogs, portfolios, corporate websites, etc. that require regular updates can be created and maintained using only the STUDIO CMS.

STUDIO up to now

In the past, STUDIO required manual design, placement, and updating of all elements and contents on a page by page basis, and mainly recommended creating LPs or static websites with few updates.


STUDIO, powered by CMS, allows the management of articles and other content from the project dashboard, making it possible not only to design websites but also to update content and manage dynamic sites all in one place within STUDIO.

Creating a dynamic site requires a more difficult skill set than the traditional development flow, but with the use of STUDIO, it is possible to create a dynamic site only by the design process.

Operating process

Until now, the CMS has been using other tools such as Google Docs to write, review, and share articles. When it was completed, we submit it to the CMS administration screen. This was completed in multiple steps like this. Therefore, the flow was complicated and the management of the latest content was complicated as well.

However, we wanted to design a more efficient flow, and that's why we developed STUDIO CMS also includes "Collaborative Editing" and "Comment" features. This allows you to

  1. Writing the article

  2. Share

  3. Review

  4. Submit article

  5. Publish

You can use a single tool to complete these processes and make it possible to manage your site more smoothly and intuitively.

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