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In this article, we will introduce what you can do with STUDIO CMS.


With STUDIO CMS, you can manage the contents of your public website, especially those that you want to add or update regularly such as the listed type of contents below, from a CMS dashboard.

  • Blog posts

  • Portfolio items

  • News

With STUDIO CMS, you can manage your content on the CMS dashboard, and you can design a page with those contents on the Design editor.

You can open the CMS dashboard from the CMS tab on the top of the dashboard.

Manage contents data in CMS dashboard

The CMS dashboard is where you can manage CMS data. You can add/edit models and items in the CMS dashboard. An item can be a single article or category which you can add to models.

STUDIO CMS also includes "Collaborative Editing" and "Comment" features. This helps you to run the website more smoothly and efficiently.

Design in the design editor

Once you add data to the CMS dashboard, you have to create a page and connect the data to elements on the design editor.

When you start a project, you are asked to either start with a template or blank. If you choose a template with a CMS tag, you will see the preset sample with CMS. If you are new to STUDIO CMS, it is recommended to start with it and learn the structure.

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