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About the Font Awesome Icon Version Update
About the Font Awesome Icon Version Update

Icons placed before November 2, 2023 may become unavailable once changed

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On November 2, 2023, we updated the range of Font Awesome icons available within STUDIO.

Previously, we supported Font Awesome version "4.7.0" with approximately 600 icons. Now, we've updated to version "6.4.2", offering 2,000 icons.

If you added Font Awesome icons before November 2, 2023:

Icons displayed in the "Add" panel will now be from version "6.4.2". Please note that it will not be possible to place new icons or revert to icons from the older "4.7.0" version.

If you update an icon from the old version to the new one or to Material Icons, you will lose the option to revert back to the old version icon. This also applies if you remove the old version icon from your design.

While there may be similarities between icons from both versions, exercise caution when editing or deleting existing icons.

However, style modifications, like resizing or recoloring of old icons, remain unaffected and can be done as usual.

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