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Unable to measure the referrer in GA installed via GTM
Unable to measure the referrer in GA installed via GTM

In Google Analytics universal analytics installed via Google Tag Manager, the converted session does not record the correct referrer

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If GA is installed via GTM, the referrer cannot be recorded correctly. This is not a STUDIO issue, but a GTM issue that occurs across all Single Page Application sites.

What kind of phenomenon?(Example)

  1. Landing on a page created with STUDIO via "Google Search Ads"

  2. Inquire from the inquiry form (conversion)

  3. Measured as "via Google Natural Search" instead of "via Google Ads" on GA

How to measure it correctly?

It has been confirmed that the GA tag set using STUDIO Apps can correctly measure the reference source.

If you want to deploy GA via GTM, there seems to be a tag in the template gallery in Google Tag Manager that can solve this problem. We have confirmed that it can be measured using this tag, but since it is very difficult to set on the GTM side, we will refrain from introducing it in this article. We do not accept individual consultations. We appreciate your understanding.

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