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How to Resolve The Site Inaccessible after Configuring a Custom Domain
How to Resolve The Site Inaccessible after Configuring a Custom Domain

How to Confirm your DNS Server Configuration is Done Properly

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This article introduces how to resolve the site inaccessibility occurring after configuring a custom domain. The cases introduced in this article are caused by the DNS server. Therefore no configuration is needed on STUDIO.

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The frequently asked questions are as below:

  • The site was accessible a while after configuring the custom domain, but suddenly it becomes inaccessible.

  • "This connection does not protect your privacy." message appears on the browser when I access the site.

  • "The domain pointing invalid site" message appears on the STUDIO Publishment panel.

※ Please see Publish your site with a custom domain for more details to publish a site with a custom domain.

How to Confirm The Name Server (DNS server) Configuration

This step is to confirm if STUDIO's A record ( is properly configured in your DNS.

2. Type Custom Domain Name

Type the custom domain in the Name field, and press the A button. Press CNAME and AAAA buttons to confirm both Case 4 and 5.

※ Type domain name without "https://" and "/" at the end of URL.

3. Confirm A Record Status

Please confirm ONLY is displayed in the DATA field of A.

Don't hesitate to contact us from the chat right bottom if only is displayed, but your site is inaccessible.

For other cases, please follow the confirmation steps below.

Case 1: Record not found! is displayed

Your changes on DNS serve might not be yet ready. (DNS propagation might not be completed yet)

Please visit if your domain propagation is completed.

1. Access to

2. Type the domain that you changed and click the Search button.

The result will be displayed as follows.

  • A green check means the domain is propagated

  • A red cross-check means the domain is not yet propagated or there are issues on DNS

DNS propagation generally takes 2 to 48 hours to complete. Please reconfirm the status after a while.

If you still get the "Record not found!" error after 48 hours, please confirm below and contact your DNS server servicer:

  • The name server point to other than the domain service that you use. (The information configured on the name server is different from what you configured on your domain registrar)

  • The record information is configured in the wrong place

  • The contract with the name server is expired

  • The payment for the name server is failed for some reasons

  • The domain registration information is not yet authorized

Case 2: The DATA field displays an address other than

Two reasons are considered for this case.

The change request has not been completed on the DNS server yet

In this case, please wait up to 48 hours until the change is applied.

A record has not been changed on DNS

The A record has not been changed for some reason. Please contact your name server service (DNS server) for further assistance.

Case 3: The DATA field displays multiple addresses including

You might see multiple records are registered in A record. Only one appropriate record must be registered in A record. However, if one of the addresses is associated with a mail service, the mail service is disabled by deleting the address.

In general, A record is used for the website, MX record is used for the email account. The mail service that you use is compatible with MX records, you can use the same domain both for website and mail account. (STUDIO does not provide a mail server)

In the case where the site is inaccessible even only is stored in DATA field, cache remains in the browser. Please confirm the behavior with incognito mode.

Case 4: An address is displayed in CNAME field

Type custom domain in Name field and click CNAME button.

In the case of CNAME record is configured.

STUDIO is not compatible with CNAME record configuration. Please make sure to configure the name server (DNS server) only with A record.

Please see this article for the redirect configuration.

Case 5: An address is displayed in AAAA

Type custom domain in Name field and click AAAA button.

AAAA record is configured. Issuing TLS certification might be failed and there is a case where your site on STUDIO might display a "Your connection (to this site) is not private" error due to the AAAA record is configured.

Remove AAAA record in the name server (DNS server) and wait until it's propagated.

These are common symptoms of DNS-related issues and how to resolve them. Please feel free to contact us from the chat if any of these solutions do not work.

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