Custom domain names are unique links that identify your website.(eg

You can buy a domain name for your site on sites like GoDaddy.

To connect a custom domain name to a website on STUDIO, some settings are necessary both on STUDIO and on your domain provider website.

*If you are using other domain services, you will still need to make the following DNS record settings. Please contact your domain service provider for more information.

1. STUDIO Settings

  1. From the Design editor in your project, click on ‘Publish’ button

  2. Click on ‘Use own domain’ and enter the domain you have

  3. Copy the A Record that shows (

  4. Do domain provider settings explained below in step 2

  5. Come back to STUDIO and click on "Next" to check the connection status

  6. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with the rest of the settings

NB: It will take a few hours for the settings of 4. to become active. There is no need to keep this publish panel open in the meantime.

2. Domain provider settings

The domain provider is where you have bought your domain name.

1. Navigate to the domain list on your domain provider account

2. Go to your domain DNS settings page

3. Add a DNS record

  • choose A as type

  • enter hostname (usually www)

  • paste as ‘points to’ or ‘value’

4. Once you’re done, go back to STUDIO and carry on with the remaining steps explained above

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