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Update records with your domain registrar to publish to your domain

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Starter, CMS, Business Plan (legacy Basic, Pro) members may elect to publish their sites to a custom domain, instead of a STUDIO subdomain. Doing this successfully requires communication of STUDIO’s A record to your domain registrar.

Copy STUDIO’s A record

When you hit Publish, you will see STUDIO’s A record displayed (A

Copy this A record to your clipboard.

💡 What is an A record

A record, short for Address Record, is the IP address of the host where your files are located. In your case, the host will be STUDIO. The domain registrar must know your files are hosted with us, in order to point visitors to the right connection.

Paste STUDIO’s A record to domain registrar

Paste the A record to your domain registrar’s “Modify A records” page.

If you are using Google Domains

  1. Log into your Google Domains account

  2. Locate your domain under My domains and click Manage next to it

  3. On the new page, click on DNS in the left-hand menu

  4. In the column with Custom resource records displayed, confirm type is “A,” then paste in STUDIO’s A record in the field titled Data

  5. Click Save button

If you are using GoDaddy

  1. Log into your GoDaddy Domain Control Center

  2. Locate your domain under the Domain Settings page

  3. Select Manage DNS under Additional Settings

  4. Select Add

  5. Select A under type, then under “Points to,” paste in STUDIO’s A record

  6. Click Save button

Tip: Plan in advance

For the A record registration to take effect, it can take a couple of hours or even longer. If there is a particular date you want your site to go live, we recommend registering your A record at least a day before.

Return to STUDIO

Continue following onscreen directions to connect to your domain.

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