BASIC or PRO project can publish sites with custom domains instead of the STUDIO subdomain. Click "Use custom domain" in the Publish panel, and follow the steps to connect your site to your custom domain.

1. Domain Registration

Type the domain or subdomain name you want to connect to in the text field. STUDIO does not offer a domain management service. Please obtain the one from domain registrars such as Google Domains.

Please see here for more details of available domains.

2.DNS Record Setting

You will see A record for STUDIO (A is displayed on STUDIO. Please register this A record on your domain registrar's DNS Record Setting.

Please make sure that only STUDIO's A record is configured. Otherwise, the site will not be correctly connected to your custom domain.

DNS Propagation for the new A record will take a couple of hours or longer. STUDIO strongly recommends you to register the A record at least by a day before if the site publishment date is scheduled on a specific day.

Please see here for more details.

3. Domain connection confirmation

Let's confirm the A record configuration is properly completed. If your site is unreachable, even the A record displayed on STUDIO is correct; the DNS propagation may not be completed yet. You can close the publishment panel in this case.

An error will be displayed in the case where your setting is incorrect. Please follow the steps in this article to resolve the error.

Please move on to Step 4 if you could confirm this step.

4. TLS Certificate issuance

A TLS certificate is issued for this domain to ensure security for the published site. Please see this article for more details of a TLS certificate.

This step is automatically done. You can close the publishment panel as it would take time to be completed. A retry button will be displayed in the event of failing to issue a certificate for some reason. Please click the button to retrieve the certificate.

The custom domain will be displayed below once all the steps are completed.

The site carries on published / unpublished status that's configured before connecting to the custom domain. The URL will automatically be switched to the new custom domain when you connect the custom domain while the status is published. If the site was unpublished before connecting to the custom domain, please change the status to publish the site.

If the site is not inaccessible after configuring the custom domain, please refer to this article for DNS settings.

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