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Domains That Can Be Connected to a Custom Domain
Domains That Can Be Connected to a Custom Domain

Learn about the types of domains that can be linked to STUDIO sites, as well as other important points regarding custom domain connections.

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Types of Domains That Can Be Used

Each project can be linked to one domain (e.g., or one subdomain (e.g.,,

We support various domain types such as ".com", "", ".jp", and ".net", but domains with Japanese characters and uppercase letters are not supported.

Acquiring a Domain

STUDIO does not provide domain acquisition services. To publish your site on STUDIO using a custom domain, you first need to acquire a domain from an external domain acquisition service.

Important Points Regarding Custom Domain Connections

Publishing in a Subdirectory

With the Business plan or higher, you can use the Custom Proxy Add-on to publish your STUDIO site in a subdirectory (e.g., of a site hosted on another server. This is an add-on available for projects on the Business plan. For more details, please refer to Setting Up a Custom Proxy.

Email Services

STUDIO does not provide email services. To use an email address (email account) with your custom domain, you will need to contract with a separate email service and configure the necessary records. For more information, please refer to How to Use Email Accounts with Custom Domains Connected to and Published on STUDIO.

Domain Transfers

STUDIO does not provide domain management services. If you do not want to continue managing your domain with a previous service, please transfer it to another external domain management service.

Additionally, if there are existing A record settings for another service with the domain you plan to connect to STUDIO, it is recommended to set the "TTL" of that A record as short as possible on the domain management service, and then start the STUDIO settings after the time set for the previous "TTL" has passed. This will ensure a smooth domain setup.


All sites on STUDIO, including those using custom domains, are managed on STUDIO's servers. You cannot use your own server, so please be aware of this in advance.

If you have any questions that are not resolved by this article, please contact chat support from the [?] at the bottom right of the editor.

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