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I can't verify the connection after setting the A record
I can't verify the connection after setting the A record

Waiting for A record setting to connect

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When connecting to custom domain, in the step of "3. Confirm domain connection", the system confirms whether the record settings of the domain entered in step 1 are correct for the STUDIO server.

If you see an orange alert, please check the following:

If you see "The DNS setting on your domain service is not confirmed" error

A record has not been pointed correctly.

It's either A record has not been entered or set, or the CNAME record has been set instead.

With STUDIO, you can only use A record, so please make sure to register the STUDIO A record on the DNS record setting screen of your domain service.

If you see "Your domain is connected to another server" error

A records has been set to another server other than STUDIO.

On the DNS record setting screen of your domain service, delete the record displayed on the setting and enter the STUDIO A record.

If you see "Multiple A record" error

Two or more A records are registered for this domain.

Delete the A records that does not have STUDIO mark displayed on the setting of DNS domain service.

About the time lag of A record setting

When connecting your own domain to a STUDIO project, even if you set the A record to only STUDIO in the domain service, the connection may not be confirmed easily on STUDIO side and it may take several hours to reflect.

This is because it takes some time after the setting change is applied in the domain service and the change to reflect / recognized (permeated) on the Internet correctly.

The amount of time depends on the service, settings, and timing.
The connection cannot proceed on the STUDIO side during this time, so please wait for the settings to be reflected.

If the record settings are not reflected even after few days, please contact STUDIO or your domain management service.

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