Projects upgraded to BASIC or PRO plans can publish the site with custom domain instead of the STUDIO subdomain.

To connect your domain to your project, click "Use custom domain" from the Publish panel, and follow the navigation steps to connect.

1. Domain registration

Enter the domain or subdomain you want to connect.

STUDIO does not provide domain management service, so if you do not have a domain yet, please obtain it with an external service such as Google Domains in advance and enter it here.

Learn more about available domains here ;
"Types of domains that you can use"

2.DNS record settings

Enter the STUDIO A record (A displayed on the DNS record setting screen of the service from which the domain was acquired.

Please note that the connection will not work if a record other than STUDIO is set for the domain you want to connect.

It may take several hours to reflect this record, so if the date and time of when you want to publish the site is fixed, we recommend that you complete the record setting a day for few days in advance.

3. Domain connection confirmation

First, check whether the domain record you entered is suitable for STUDIO.

If the setting is correct but the record cannot be confirmed and the screen does not change, the setting may not be reflected yet, so please wait until it is reflected. (Click here for details) During this time, you can close the Publish panel.

If the settings are incorrect, an error will be displayed so please follow the on-screen instructions.

If the connection completed successfully, click “Next” and proceed to step 4.

4. TLS Certificate issuance

We will issue a TLS certificate to this domain so that you can publish the site safely.

This step is basically automatic. It may take some time, so you can close the Publish panel and wait.

If the acquisition of the certificate fails for some reason, please click the retry button to acquire the certificate again.

You can read more about TLS certificates in this article.

After completing all the steps, your own domain will be the URL when the project is published.

In the public/non-public state, the one before connection setting is inherited and it is not automatically published after the connection is completed.
If you start a connection setting in the non-public state, you need to press publish again to update.

(If you connect your own domain in the public state, the URL will be switched automatically. )

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