After May 6, 2021, the following screen will be displayed for users browsing sites built on top of STUDIO from Internet Explorer (IE)

Please register your site in Microsoft's IE compatibility list to avoid this behavior.

Once your domain is registered in Microsoft's IE compatibility list, Microsoft Edge will automatically reopen your site when a user is browsing with IE.

(Please see more details here:

How to Register Your Site to IE Compatibility List

As this page shows, please make a request updating the IE compatibility list to with the information below.

  • Owner name

  • Corporate title

  • Email address

  • Company name

  • Street address

  • Website address

You will receive a reply from Microsoft within a few hours to a few days to accept your request. The domain you applied for will be added to the IE compatibility list at the next list update. Once your site is registered, users will be automatically forwarded to Microsoft Edge.


  • This forwarding does not allow you to specify or exclude users. Please make your decision based on the overall demographics of the users visiting your site.

  • STUDIO is irrelevant to the management of this list. Please directly ask Microsoft for detailed support regarding the contents of the registration email or the update frequency of the list.

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