Here's a solution when changing an image or text and changing one makes them all the same.

* The following is an example. The setting method may be slightly different for other templates.

When using templates, CMS lists are often used in boxes with multiple images and text, and the information in this must be changed from the dashboard, not the editor.

*Please read this article about CMS.

I will explain how to change each image and text.

How to change an image

The template used in the example : Aurora

In this template, the image registered in the article model called works of CMS is displayed. Follow the steps below to change the image.

1. Open the dashboard

If you are already logged in to the editor, you can access the dashboard by clicking the icon in the upper left.

* If this screen is not displayed, click "Start CMS".

2. Select the article that has the image you want to change

In this case, I want to change the image of the part where "Works" is specified on the top page, so I will display the Works article list from the CMS dashboard.

3. Upload image

After setting the above, you can check that the image has been changed by accessing the editor or the live preview URL. (Click "Edit Design" in the upper right to access the editor)

How to change text

The part that is in the CMS list needs to be changed from the dashboard.

The template used in the example :TUNE

1. Open the dashboard

Display the CMS tab of the dashboard in the same procedure as when changing the image. Then, the image and text displayed in the editor CMS list earlier are displayed as items of the "Posts" model.

2. Edit CMS articles

Select the article you want to change and update or publish the same part (title or body) as the text you want to change displayed in the editor.

If it is a preview environment, no update is required.

How to restore changed images and text

If all the images and texts are already the same, the properties have disappeared, so you need to re-associate the properties of the CMS model.


Select the image in the editor and select the cover property in the details panel to restore it.


Select the image in the editor and select the title property in the details panel to restore it.

You can change the update date, text, etc. in the same way.

* When the site is published, if the article is in "Draft" status, it will not be reflected, so be sure to set it to "Public".

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