Place CMS lists

On the CMS menu of the left add panel, you'll find a list of models and collections you've created. Drag and drop to place it on the canvas.

Change the model/collection to reference

If you want to change the content of a list once it has been placed as another model's data, select the list box in the top left corner. Then select the model you want to reference from the content panel.

Setting the number of items to be displayed

You can edit the number of items to be displayed in the list by the content panel.

If you turn on the "See more" switch, you will be able to make a reading motion to display more items on the site.

Refine the display items

In the Filter column, you can refine the items displayed based on the properties you set for the model.

※ On public sites, Post Type is displayed in descending order of publication date, and other types are displayed in the order specified in Dashboard.

※ If you want to arrange the articles in any order, please use Collections feature.

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