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Refer a property to a box

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In a list referring to the CMS, or on the CMS details page, you can use the property that the CMS item has as a value to display in a text box or image box as a content.

Set the properties to be displayed

You can set up the information to be displayed from the box setting panel in the right corner.

When you add a text box/image box within the item and open the box setting panel, you can select properties to refer as variables.

Display filter

When you click on a text property name, the display filter menu appears and you can set these filters.

  • Remove the tag

  • character limit

  • Format the date

You can change the display of the property date data by using the "Format Date" function.Please use this site as a reference.

Arrange the design

All boxes in the CMS list and on the detail page should have the same margins and You can specify the padding, size, and other styles.

If you edit the style of an item in the list or on the detail page, you can change the style for all items of the same model. The changes apply.

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