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Project creation and management
Project creation and management

About STUDIO project file

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You will see "Workspace" with four tabs including "Project List", once you log in to STUDIO.

Project List

The projects in the workspace are listed in the order they were most recently accessed. Below that, you can see a list of all the projects you are a member of. You can change the display order by ascending or descending order of the last access date.

When you click "+ New Project" on the right above, a list of templates will be shown. Here, you can either select and start with a blank project or a template project.

How to manage Project

In STUDIO, you can archive the projects you have created and hide them from the project list. You can also duplicate projects if you are an owner or billing owner of the project.

Note that a project started by selecting a template cannot be duplicated.

The archived projects are in "Archive." You can move them back to Workspace whenever you want to. * As of now, you can't delete projects.

You can change the list to "Archive" from Project List.

To reset a project, do so from the menu in the project's dashboard.

Dashboards and design editors

For each project in STUDIO, there are "Dashboard" and "Editor." In the Dashboard, you can manage the project itself, CMS functions, form functions, etc. In the Editor, you can edit the design of the project.

When you hover over a project in the list, "Dashboard" and "Editor" will appear on the left and right. You can go to either from there.

In the project list, you can go to Design Editor by clicking "Editor" which will appear when you hover over the project. When you click on it elsewhere, it will take you to the Dashboard.

Individual project settings

In the General tab of Dashboard, you can edit the project name and cover image which will be displayed in the project list.

The project name is just a setting used for project management. Please check here for how to set the title of the site, which is visible to users.

You can add a project cover image from the project Dashboard. Click on the cover image to upload a new image. The recommended size is 1200 x 630px.

If the cover image (thumbnail) is not set in the editor, the cover image registered in the dashboard will be displayed.

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