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Reset a project to its initial state

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You can reset a project to its initial state. Paid templates will initialize to the time of purchase. Free templates or those that started with a blank template will initialize to the time of project creation. Only the members with the Owner rights can operate this.

Note that resetting is not available for projects that meet any of the following conditions.

  • Published projects (please unpublish site)

  • Projects created before 3/29/2023

Some data are not subject to reset. Details are as follows.

Subject to reset

Not subject to reset

  • Design data in the design editor

  • CMS data on the CMS dashboard

  • API integration (Beta) information

  • RSS linkage information

  • Editor > Image > Uploaded image

  • Live preview URL

  • Domain settings on the publish setting

  • Form dashboard data

  • Apps integration settings

  • Plan Information and Payment History

  • Monthly PV count

  • Project Members

  • Project Name and cover image

How to Reset Project

  1. Go to the publish settings and unpublish the site. Note that you can’t reset a project when the site is published.

  2. Go to the project dashboard, hover over the project name in the upper left corner of the screen, and click Reset Project.

    *This menu will not appear in the design editor.

  3. After confirming the notes displayed, click Continue.

  4. When the project reset is complete, a completion notification will appear.

    When the reset has failed, contact us by clicking the Contact support button.


When you reset a project, data prior to the reset cannot be viewed or restored from the version history.

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