In addition to the defaults, the page has the following types, which can be changed in the "Type" field of the style bar


This is the top page of the site that is displayed when you visit a URL without a path. You can also set it by leaving the path blank.


The item detail page set up with the CMS function will be of this page type. You can configure the page with a variety of dynamic data.


This is a 404 error page that will be displayed when you visit a URL with a non-existent path. You can also set the path to "404".

It is a window that can be opened over a regular page, and you can edit the size, layout, and background box fill just like a regular page, and you can also set the display behavior with the style bar.

301 Redirects

You can set 301 redirects to a page to redirect old URLs to new URLs in the project.

Click on the add page icon in the upper right corner on the screen, then select the 301 Redirect page.

In the 301 redirect settings, add the old URL in the old URL field.

Select a page or add a new URL ( ex ) in the Redirect to field.

Click create to save the 301 redirects.

*As of now, you cannot select dynamic pages.

The 301 redirects will appear in the page list. The settings modal will appear when clicking the 301 redirect page.

You can edit the settings and click Update to save the changes. To delete the 301 redirects, click Delete redirect settings in the settings modal.

page home dynamic error modal window pop up

ダイナミック 詳細ページ 301

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