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What is Sitemap?

A table of contents that lists the content structure of a site is called a sitemap, and STUDIO can generate XML-formatted sitemaps for each published site, ensuring that search engine crawlers index the site with the correct structure.

* Please note that there is no automatic generation of HTML sitemaps for site visitors.

Generate a sitemap

To create a sitemap, turn on the sitemap switch on the Project dashboard > Home screen, directly below the public status display.

If you turn it on while the site is private, the sitemap URL (https://[DOMAIN]/sitemap.xml) will be enabled when the site is subsequently published.

Points to note when using the site map

The sitemap includes all static and dynamic pages (except modal and noindex) that exist in the project and automatically reflects any subsequent updates and CMS items that are published.

Pages with no links may also appear in search results by the sitemap, unless you set up noindex. Therefore, please be sure to set noindex on pages you do not want to make public for drafts or backup purposes before using the sitemap.

* Also, please make sure to "update" your site to reflect the noindex setting.

Register to the search console

💡 This function is available in the paid plan

If your project is integrated with the search console, you can submit a sitemap to the search console for faster indexing.

The path for the sitemap is "/sitemap.xml", which is the same for all sites, so please generate the sitemap and submit it to the search console after generating the sitemap.

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