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Setting up for an RSS feed of CMS contents ( CMS post-type model)
Setting up for an RSS feed of CMS contents ( CMS post-type model)

How to set up an RSS feed for news and blog in STUDIO sites

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You can enable an RSS feed for the STUDIO CMS post-type model. An RSS feed is a method of providing recent updates on a website.

Readers of the article published on your site can get the updates directly using an RSS reader or RSS-enabled browser.

It may have a positive effect on SEO when the RSS feed content is appropriate. For more information, read the articles below.

"Generating both XML sitemaps and Atom/RSS feeds is a great way to optimize crawling of a site for Google and other search engines. The key information in these files is the canonical URL and the time of the last modification of pages within the website. Setting these properly, and notifying Google and other search engines through sitemaps pings and WebSub, will allow your website to be crawled optimally, and represented accordingly in search results."

"Currently, the Follow button is a feature that's available to signed-in users in English in the US that are using Chrome Android." As of Oct 14, 2022.

How to enable an RSS feed

The RSS feed will be available when the website is published. Click on model settings of post model in the CMS dashboard.

Click the toggle in the RSS feed setting to turn it on.

When you access the RSS URL, it should look like this.


STUDIO RSS feed defines the author and cover image in the tags as follows.

  • Author is defined as studio:authorName, studio:authorImage

  • Cover image (OGP) is defined as enclosure, media:content

The image property and reference property of the user-type model that was first added in the model will be the cover image and the author.

*If you delete them, the second added property will be reflected.

You can check if the distribution content of the RSS feed is appropriate by accessing the RSS URL.

  • When you unpublish your site, the RSS feed will also be turned off.

  • If there are no published items (posts) in the model, the RSS feed of that model will display a 404 error.

  • Each RSS feed distributes the latest 25 articles.

  • In the reference property (user-type model), if the referenced item is draft or unselected, the author information will be distributed as blank.

  • Selected site language will be reflected in the RSS feed language, and you can not cahneg it for each model.

  • Unlike publish site URL, the RSS URL does not redirect from the STUDIO subdomain to the custom domain.

  • After submitting the RSS feed URL as a sitemap on the Search Console, the message Could not fetch will appear. After a few moments, check and reload the Search Console screen, and you will see Succeeded.

  • *If it does not succeed after a day or more, contact us via chat. There may be an error in the settings or a problem.

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