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noindex is a value of an HTML robot’s meta tag requests that automated Internet bots avoid indexing a web page. A page set to noindex mode will not be displayed in the results as a single page or as a site no matter what word you search for, and you can only visit it from a direct link.

Uses of noindex mode

By setting noindex mode to the pages with a lot of overlapping content, low quality pages, and pages with only inquiry form, etc., the quality of the information that the user can see can be guaranteed, leading to an improvement in SEO evaluation.

Also, since no one will be able to visit the page unless you directly share the URL when it is on noindex mode, you can put it in the project as a private draft page.

How to set noindex

Open the Page Settings panel of the page you want to set and turn on the switch of the noindex item (blue), the page will change to noindex mode and will not be displayed in the search results.

*To reflect the setting changes on the published site, click "Update" each time.

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