With non-modal pages, you can click on the page icon or the gear mark in the style bar to open the SEO settings panel. This is where you can set the following SEO information for each page.


The title will be displayed on the browser tab, search result page, and SNS.

Use a unique name or words that clearly describe the contents of your page.

Meta Description

It is a description that will be displayed along with the title on search result or when you share it on SNS.

It's a good idea to concisely summarize the content of your site / page and include words that are easy for users to understand.

*If you don't setup an meta description for each page, the text content from your site may be automatically extracted as the description.

Page mode & Site mode

In the upper right of the SEO setting panel, you can switch the mode from "Page" to "Site" where you can set meta information for the entire site.

*The settings in "Site" mode are automatically applied to pages that do not have individual SEO settings.

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