While you are selecting the page (not modal), click "Page Settings" in the style bar so that the Page Settings panel will appears and you can set the following meta tags:

Meta tags are used to provide data about your page to search engines, SNS, and website visitors. They are important because they are the first information about your site that visitors see.


The text that displays as the page's title in browser tabs, on search result pages or on social media.

We recommend a simple word that describes the content of the page or a unique name.


This is the summary of your page/site thats displays as the description in browser tabs, on search result pages or on social media.

It should be a concise summary of the contents of the site/page and include words that are likely to catch the user's attention.

*If you don't write an appropriate meta description for each page, search engines may display an excerpt of the text as a description.

Page Settings and Site Settings

You can switch the panel between Page Settings and Site Settings so that you can set the meta tag settings for each unique page or for the entire site

Page settings overrides site settings, so it is better to set up site settings first.

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