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The OGP content that will be displayed when you share your page on social media is determined as follows

*The items displayed are slightly different depending on the SNS.

Setting up Social Cover

You can set it from the page settings panel on the right side of the screen. Setting them correctly leads to a better SEO.

Recommended size is below:

  • 32px*32px for favicon

  • 1200 x 630px for social cover and less than 5MB

*If the file size is too heavy, it may not load well depending on the SNS or display media.

Check here for the specific setting procedure.

Points to note

If you change the OGP image after it is published, it will not be reflected immediately on the SNS. This is because each SNS has its own connection to this URL like "This URL has this OGP image".

If the SNS cache is updated, the changes will be reflected, but the timing is not something STUDIO can be involved in, so please wait for the updates. The update interval is also various for each SNS.

You can see how it looks like when you share from these links:

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