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Analytics is a feature in STUDIO that helps you quickly see how many people visited your published sites. You can use this information to optimize and improve your site.

STUDIO's analytics feature works without cookies, making it effective for site visitors who choose to reject or block cookies. This also simplifies compliance with regulations like the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which deals with cookie usage.

💡 If you wish to conduct a more in-depth analysis, you may want to consider integrating with Google Analytics.

Using Analytics

No extra configurations are necessary before publishing your site. After the site is published, simply access the "Analytics" tab in your dashboard to review the statistics.

In the graph displaying the total page views (PV) and session counts for the entire site, you can hover the cursor to view specific values. Blue circles indicate points where site updates were made.

Under Analytics TOP, you can review the entire site’s total page views (PV) and session counts, an individual page’s page views and sessions counts, as well as key insights.

The displayed items include:

  • The total number of page views for the entire site

  • Daily page views for the site after any updates have been made (If there are no updates, the daily average page views for the period will be displayed)

  • Pages that are gaining popularity

Changing the Display Period

You can switch the display period from the upper right corner. Choose from the past 7 days, past 30 days, or set a custom period.

Switching between Page Views (PV) and Session Counts

For both the entire site and individual pages, you can toggle between viewing page views (PV) and session counts.


From here you can review the page views and session counts for each page.

Moreover, you can compare the performance of each page with the previous period. For example, if you set the display period to the past 7 days, the results will show a comparison with the preceding 7 days. Note, CMS (Content Management System) pages are indicated as "CMS.”

Limitations Based on Plans

Apart from Business and CMS Plans, certain limitations are in effect. To access additional features, consider upgrading your plan.

Business and CMS Plans

Starter Plan

Free Plan

View total PV and session counts for the entire site

View PV and session counts for individual pages

(Limited to the top 3 most visited pages)


Display period

No limitations

Past 180 days

Past 30 days


  • Display period Data prior to the release of the Analytics feature in late June 2023 will not be available, regardless of the plan you are on.

  • Viewing environment The dashboard can only be accessed through a PC's Chrome browser, with the latest version recommended. Analytics won't be viewable on other devices or browsers.

  • Downgrading When switching from Business and CMS Plans to the Starter or Free Plans, please take note of the limitations mentioned in the table above.

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