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How to Count "Published items”
How to Count "Published items”

Limits on the number of CMS items published per plan

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This article explains the limitation on the number of published items.

Limitation on the number of published items

Each plan has a limit on the number of posts that can be published in the CMS.


100 items


10 items


2,000 items


10,000 items

The current plan and number of items published can be found in the bottom left area of your dashboard.

How to count the number of published items

The term "number of published items" refers to the total number of published items of all 4 model types listed below and the published collection.

  • Article Models

  • User Models

  • Custom Models

  • Category Models

In this case, the number of published items in the bottom left area of your dashboard is 4 because there are 4 items whose status is "published."


On May 1, 2023, projects on the old plans (PRO and BASIC) will automatically switch to the Starter or CMS plans; when the CMS item limit is exceeded, existing published items will be "published" as is, but new items cannot be published. Items can be updated. The number of items in the Free plan will also be changed from 1000 to 100, and the same restrictions will apply.

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