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How can I give the project to the client?
How can I give the project to the client?
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In STUDIO, the user (account) and the project are independent of each other.

In order to give the project to client, follow the steps below.

1. Ask the client to create a STUDIO account (register as a user).

2. Invite the client account to your project.

3. Change the Permissions of the client account to "Owner".

In the case of a paid plan project, you can also ask the client to become the "paying owner".

4. Finally, leave the project by clicking "Delete" in the permissions settings.

If you want to continue editing the design and CMS, change the permission to "Editor".

※The payment owner cannot be specified by another user. For more details, please refer to here

※The payment history (successful/unsuccessful billing) in the project can be viewed by the owner and the paying owner.

※The payment information (credit card) can only be viewed by the payment owner, and only the information registered with him/her.

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