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Inviting Member
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STUDIO allows you to invite members to join your project and collaborate in real-time. When you make edits to a project, the editors of the team members can see the edits as well.

When a team member has a project page open, an icon will appear in the upper right of the page. Also, the element selected by the team member is highlighted in the same color as the frame of the icon.

You can click on the member icon in the upper right corner to jump to the point in the editor or dashboard where the member is editing.

Add a team member

Click the + button in the upper right corner of the screen to open the member menu, and enter the email address of the account in the top row to invite members.

Invited users will receive an email invitation to join the project.

If you invite an address that doesn't already have a STUDIO account, they can sign up via the link in the email and start collaborating straight away.

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