After inviting new members to a project, you can set the permissions for each member.

You can set the type of permissions when you invite a new member.

Types of permissions

Members with Owner rights:

You can change the plan and permission of members. You can also perform all operations in the STUDIO.

Members with Billing Owner rights:

If you upgrade and pay for a project, you become a billing owner member. When the plan is automatically renewed, the plan fee will be settled with the payment information of the billing owner.

You will receive notifications of a project and plan, such as a billing notification email.

*You cannot make other members become the billing owner. The other owner needs to change the type to billing owner themselves.

Members with Editor rights:

You can edit on the design editor, CMS dashboard, form dashboard, and manage other data.

There are restrictions on some functions such as changing plans, viewing payment information, and changing permissions of other members.

Members with Writer rights:

*Available with Business plan

The writer members have more restrictions than the editor members.

You can only access the CMS dashboard. In the CMS dashboard, you can publish/unpublish CMS items, update CMS items, and schedule posts.

You can also add/delete items in the collection, but you cannot perform the following.

  • Add/edit/delete CMS model and collection

  • Add/edit/delete properties in a model

Change member permissions and delete a member

To change member permissions or delete a member, view the member list from the + button at the top right of the editor or dashboard, and open the dropdown showing their permissions.

member permission

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