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Automatic renewal of TLS certificates
Automatic renewal of TLS certificates
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STUDIO automatically issues and renews TLS certificates using Let's Encrypt or Google Managed SSL certificates (specific services used vary by infrastructure. (For details, please see TLS certificates|STUDIO U).

The TLS certificates are valid for 90 days, and STUDIO automatically renews them every 60 days.

If the automatic renewal of a certificate fails due to some reason (e.g., the DNS settings of a domain have changed), STUDIO will automatically retry the renewal process every day until the actual expiration date of the certificate. If the renewal of the certificate fails, an email stating that the renewal has failed will be sent to the user account with owner privileges for the project. (No email will be sent when you try again. An alert message will also be displayed on the Publish panel screen.

If the renewal of the TLS certificate is not completed successfully by the expiration date, the site will not be displayed on the webpage, so please review the DNS settings of your domain when you notice the notification or alert message that the renewal has failed.

If you are unable to renew your certificate after reviewing the DNS settings for your domain, please contact the studio via the chat support function.

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