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TLS Certificate

Encrypt communications to make the site safe to browse

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Issuing a TLS Certificate

In order to publish your website securely, you will need to wait to obtain a TLS certificate when connecting to your own domain.

If it takes more than 4 hours for the certificate to be reflected, please contact support.

You may close the Publish Panel while the certificate is being issued, but be sure to return to the Publish Panel to confirm that the certificate has been issued before you publish your site.

If the server is busy, the triggering of the certificate acquisition may not be successful and the issuance may stop. If it takes too long, please disconnect from the domain and try again from the beginning.

TLS Certificates for Websites Created in STUDIO

The STUDIO website is comprised of two types of websites, one using the STUDIO domain and the other using its own domain. Both sites are automatically enabled with TLS certificates to ensure secure and encrypted communications.

STUDIO uses two different services for issuing TLS certificates. The new infrastructure (IP address: uses Google Managed SSL certificates. On the other hand, the old infrastructure (IP address: and the STUDIO subdomain use Let's Encrypt.

※ The STUDIO does not support the use of user-generated certificates, so users who wish to use their own certificates should be aware of this.

TLS is the next generation of SSL, and what is now commonly referred to as SSL often refers to TLS in effect, and in some cases is referred to as SSL/TLS in reference to both. As SSL is an older version of TLS and is already inadequate for secure communication, STUDIO uses communications conforming to the TLS standard. Please refer to the following for an overview of SSL and TLS.

What is SSL?

SSL, which stands for Secure Sockets Layer, was developed to provide a secure way to exchange information between web browsers and web servers and was created in 1994. This is a system that was in use until 2015 when it was introduced.

What is TLS?

TLS stands for Transport Layer Security, and like SSL, TLS is the successor to SSL, which is mainly used to securely exchange information between web browsers and web servers. TLS is the mechanism that has been used to date as a "secure system for exchanging information" since the use of SSL was effectively banned.SSL" and "SSL/TLS" are used in the description of certificates, but this is due to the fact that "SSL" was already a well-established name, and as "SSL" is no longer in use, all of these terms refer to "TLS", and we at STUDIO have decided to standardize our use of the term "TLS". We'll take it.

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