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Managing Member Permissions
Managing Member Permissions

Introducing the types of permissions you can assign to project members and how to invite them. Also, explaining how to change permissions.

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Types of Permissions and How to Change Them

When inviting members to a project, you assign them specific "permissions." These permissions can be changed even after the invitation has been sent.

For more information on inviting members, see Inviting and Managing Project Members.

Screenshot: Setting permissions when inviting a member.

Types of Permissions

STUDIO projects have four types of permissions. The table below shows the restrictions for each permission type.

Edit in Design Editor

Comments in Design Editor

Edit in CMS

Access Form Dashboard

Change Member Permissions

Change Plan

Check Payment History

Invite Members

Duplicate Project

Delete Other Members

Delete Pending Member Info

Remove Self from Members

Payment Owner



Can delete everyone except the Payment Owner


Access can be managed with a CMS or Business plan




Can invite Editors and Writers only





With restrictions

With restrictions

Can only view responses submitted from Live Preview




Can invite Writers only





An Owner can perform all actions within a project. There is no limit to the number of Owners you can add to a project.

Billing Owner

The "Billing Owner" is automatically assigned to the Owner who upgraded to a paid plan. The Billing Owner is responsible for payments charged to the registered credit card.

Note: This permission cannot be directly assigned to other members. Another Owner must change their own permission through the process. For more details, see How to Change the Billing Owner.


Editors can edit various data within the project, including design and CMS. You can set viewing restrictions on form responses for Editors. This is useful when you want Editors to edit but not view form responses. For more details, see Viewing Restrictions for Form Responses.


Tip: Writer permissions are available only on Business and CMS plans. The CMS plan allows up to 3 Writers, while the Business plan has no limit.

Writers have the most restricted permissions, allowing only some edits in the CMS dashboard and design editor. Writers can use the editor's Comment Function and Content Editing Mode to edit text, images, and icons, and to view and add comments.

Scope of Writer Permissions:

Allowed Actions

Restricted Actions

Design Editor

  • Edit text, images, icons in "Content Mode”

  • Edit components

  • Edit lists

  • Edit site settings and page settings

  • Edit page name, path, and page type

  • Publish, update, or unpublish site

  • Issue and delete live preview URLs

  • Switch off “Content Mode”

  • Set links, HTML tags

CMS dashboard

  • Publish, unpublish, update, and schedule CMS items

  • Add and remove items to/from collections

  • View Form responses submitted from Live Preview

  • Edit, add, and delete CMS models and collections

  • Edit, add, and delete properties within CMS models

  • View Form responses submitted from the published site and download them as CSV

How to Change Permissions

Note: Permissions cannot be changed while the member status is "invited."

1. Open the Member List

Click the [+] button at the top right of the screen or open the [Members] menu from the dashboard [Home].

2. Change the Permission

Click on the member's permission to open the drop-down menu and change the setting. Changes are applied immediately.

Screenshot: Changing a member's permission.
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