For paid projects, you can downgrade your plan at any time. Please complete the plan downgrade procedure at least one day before the renewal date.

How to downgrade a project plan

  1. In the Project Dashboard, open the Plan & Payment page.

2. Click the "Downgrade to FREE" or "Downgrade to BASIC" button.

In the case of "Downgrade to FREE"

Confirm the project name and click "Next".

4. ダウングレードの理由を選択し、「プランのダウングレード」をクリック

5. Select the reason for the downgrade and click "Downgrade Plan".

In the case of a "downgrade to BASIC"

Confirm the project name and click "Downgrade Plan".

4. When completed, "Completed!" will be displayed and "Downgraded" will be displayed for your current plan.

The above steps will automatically downgrade your plan at the end of your paid period.

What happens to my project if I downgrade my plan?

After you downgrade your plan, you can use your pre-downgrade plan until the date you pay for it.

At the end of the payment period, the features of the pre-downgraded plan will no longer be available.

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