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💡 This feature is available for projects with a Business plan or higher.

In STUDIO, Webhook notifications are executed at the following times.

  • When the site is published

  • When the site is updated

  • When the site is unpublished

Currently, webhook notifications can be set up for 1 URL per project.

Configuration method


  1. Access the project dashboard's "General Settings"

  2. Press the edit button for Webhook, enter the endpoint, and click "Save" to turn on the Webhook.

  3. After it is turned ON, press "Send Test" to confirm it is working.

Disabling and Stopping Notifications

  1. Access the project dashboard's "General Settings"

  2. Press the edit button for Webhook, set the endpoint value to an empty string, and save. When successfully completed, the status will also change to OFF.

Behavior During Execution

When a project meets the notification conditions, a POST request is made to the specified URL. The values in the request will be as follows:

  • Content-Type: application/json

  • User-Agent: STUDIO-Webhook

  • Body: {JSON}

The content of the JSON in the Body will be as follows. Note that line breaks have been added for readability, but in reality, it will be on a single line without spaces between the property names and values.

"project_id": "xxxx",
"project_name": "Test Project Name",
"event": "site-published",
"user_id": "xxxx",
"user_name": "xxx xxx",
"dashboard_url": "https://app.studio.design/projects/xxxxx",
"publish_url": "https://example.com",
"timestamp": 1711582925
  • project_id: project_id is a unique ID that identifies the project.

  • project_name: project_name is the name of the project.

  • event: event is the name of the event that triggers the Webhook notification. Currently, it can be site-published (site is published), site-unpublished (site is unpublished), or site-updated (site is updated).

  • user_id: user_id is a unique ID that identifies the user.

  • user_name: user_name is the name of the user.

  • dashboard_url: dashboard_url is the URL of the STUDIO project dashboard.

  • publish_url: publish_url is the URL of the published site.

  • timestamp: timestamp is a UNIX timestamp.

When the endpoint is set to a Slack incoming webhook

If a Slack incoming webhook is set as the endpoint, STUDIO will automatically send Slack notifications with the following content based on the notification conditions.

※ The language of the notification content will reflect the language setting of the webhook configurator.

When the site is published, updated, unpublished:

💡 Regarding the operation of external services, we are unable to provide support through our technical support channels.

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