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Managing Members’ Access to Form Responses
Managing Members’ Access to Form Responses

Control Who on the Team Can View Form Responses

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💡 This feature is available for projects under the CMS or Business plan.

You have the ability to control which members can view the responses in the Form Dashboard by managing their access individually.

About Access to Form Responses

Members with Editor permissions can be assigned access to Form responses. Access may be assigned by the project owner or the billing owner.

Members with Writer permissions do not have access by default, and this cannot be changed.

Access to Form Responses

Editor permissions

Can be turned ON or OFF

Writer permissions

No access

To learn more about editor and writer permissions, refer to the following article:

Members without access may not see responses to Forms submitted from the published site. However, they can still:

  • Place and edit Forms in the Design Editor

  • Test Forms in Live Preview

  • View responses submitted from Live Preview

  • Adjust Form settings

  • Download data in CSV format, but only for responses submitted from Live Preview

Managing Access to Form Responses

When inviting new members

Click on the '+' in the top right corner of the screen and enter the email address of the member you want to invite.

Set the member's permissions to "Editor" and tick the checkbox for "Restrict form response viewing" before sending the invitation.

For members already invited

Click on the '+' in the top right of the screen to select the member whose access permissions you want to change.

Hover over to select either to allow or restrict viewing to Form responses. The change will be applied immediately.


  • When downgrading your plan:

    When switching to the Starter or Free plan, members without access to Form responses will automatically be removed from the project to maintain the intended level of access. Consider managing permissions before downgrading, or re-invite them as members after the switch.

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