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CMS dashboard for managing content data

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To access the CMS dashboard, you can find a menu either in the top left of the Design Editor screen or the CMS tab in the project dashboard.

What is CMS Dashboard?

The CMS dashboard manages the content data of CMS (CMS model and items). You can see items and collections as below and also add and edit models and items.

For more details such as CMS data type, please see the articles below.

Edit Page

You can edit the title, body, publication status, slug, and properties in the Edit Page.

Title, body are also properties. You can also add other new properties. Please find more in the article below.

If you can not click the "Live Preview" button in the upper right corner of this screen, it is because the page that displays the CMS data you are currently opening does not exist.

Dynamic Page in the Design Editor is a page that can display different properties depending on each CMS item. You can use the Live Preview button by selecting "Dynamic Page" and creating a page by selecting a model to reference.

The new dynamic page is blank, as no elements are associated with the CMS data. Please see the article below for more details.

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