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Receive form responses by email notification only
Receive form responses by email notification only

If you do not want the form responses to remain in the STUDIO database, you can receive the responses by email notification only.

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How to avoid storing the responses of a form in the STUDIO database.

  1. Click on the "Forms" tab in the project dashboard

  2. Click the "Settings" button

  3. Click on "All Settings".

  4. Click on "Save form results to the STUDIO".
    Making sure the background color turns from blue to gray.

  5. Set the "Notification email"

That's all you have to do.

Check the behavior on the public page.

How to check the operation

  1. Submit a form from a public site

  2. You can be sure that you will receive an email

  3. The STUDIO dashboard can confirm that no responses are saved


Files (images and PDFs) cannot be viewed if they are not stored in the STUDIO database.

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