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Form notification email

Setting up email notifications for form results

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For the notification email that will be sent to you when a form is answered, you can set the following settings from the Project Dashboard > Forms > Settings menu

  • Notification e-mail address

  • Notification e-mail Title Wording

You can also open the corresponding dashboard by clicking on "Recipient Settings / Results" in the form details menu in the Design Editor.

Notification e-mail address

All Settings

The address set in the Settings Modal > All Settings > Notification email will receive notification emails for all forms in that project.

Individual Settings

You can set up an email address for each form name in the Individual Settings > [Form Name] > Notification email field.

If you also want to send a notification email to the recipients set in "General Settings", tick the checkbox just below.

* If you have not set an individual notification address, notifications will automatically be delivered to the address set in the global setting.

*Email addresses can only be set to the All settings and the individual settings. If you want to send notifications to more than two email addresses, please consider using the group function of your email service.

Notification e-mail Title Wording

You can change the title of the notification e-mail freely in the "Notification message title" field in " Individual settings". The default is "You have a new response in [form name] of [project name]".

The actual notification email you receive will have a serial number at the end of the title, such as "#5".

Limitations on email notifications

Due to system restrictions, we are unable to send more than 500 email notifications to a single email address per day.

In this case, please check your dashboard for the excess number of responses.

Also, if you exceed the plan limit described here, you will receive a notification email, but the text will not be displayed.

In this case, please delete the unwanted answers and view the new answers or upgrade your plan.

About the sender's address

Notifications from the form will be sent from STUDIO <>. Please note that you cannot change the sender address.

If you find that your notifications are being sent to your junk folder, please change your settings so that emails from the above sender are not marked as junk mail.

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