Form name

Responses submitted to the form are aggregated in the Form tab of your dashboard by the form name you set up in Design editor.

If you create forms with different names in a single project, you can manage them in their separate lists, as shown in the image.

If you have forms with the same name in multiple locations on your project, they will be aggregated as the same form on the dashboard.

Item name

The dashboard organizes your answers by form items. Each field name reflects the one you set in design editor.

Please note that if you change the field name during the process, the answers will be counted in a separate column.

Submission details

Click on the line you want to check and a detailed modal will open. This will also show you the answers that have been omitted from the list.

Status management

If you select a response and click on the status above the list, you can change the status of the response.

Customize dashboard


You can add, delete, and reorder statuses freely from the "Settings" menu of the gear symbol.

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