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Unless you start your CMS with blank, the initial CMS dashboard had three models: articles, tags, and users, and by creating items for each of them, the basic operation is possible.

*Depending on the template, the number of contents and name may differ

  • I want to make a "diary" apart from the "articles".

  • I'd like to use a group called "category" in addition to "tag".

As you can see, if you need items with different information and detail page layouts, create a different model.

How to add a model

Clicking on the + in the top right corner of the Model List panel on the left of the CMS dashboard will bring up a new model creation modal like this. You can add a new model to the list of models by entering any model name (such as "Diary"), selecting a type, and clicking "Create".

Note that you can edit the model name later, but you can't change the article type.

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