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STUDIO is now integrated with Channel Talk, a service that allows you to easily set up a chat feature. This integration makes it easy to embed channel talk on the STUDIO site.

【How to integrate with the STUDIO.】

Embedding Channel Talk in your STUDIO site is very easy. First, create an account on the Channel Talk site, and then get a plugin key for setting up a chat.

1. Click on the settings button at the bottom left of the channel desk to go to the settings screen.

2. Click Plug-in Management in the menu on the Settings screen.

3. Click the Edit button next to the plugin name to name your prog-in. Enter a name for the plugin that matches the page or platform you are using. Once you've entered it, click Create New Plugin to create a new installation code.

※ In the "Install Plug-ins" tab, you can see the code for web, Android and iOS.

【Installation in the STUDIO project】

Once you have received the Plugin Key for setting up the chat, go to the Apps page on the STUDIO project dashboard.

In Apps, click "Channel" button. This will bring up a panel where you can enter the Plugin Key so paste and save it.

Don't forget to press the publish button to "update" when you're done saving.

Once you've set up, you'll see a chat button in the bottom right corner of the site, and you'll be able to chat with users at any time from here!

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