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How to Set up HubSpot Tracking
How to Set up HubSpot Tracking

Instructions on how to embed HubSpot Tracking in STUDIO to monitor your site traffic

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💡 This function is available in the paid plan

You can monitor your site traffic embedding the HubSpot Tracking code in STUDIO.


  • We only support how to connect HubSpot Tracking with STUDIO and we don't provide support on how to use it. For such information, please contact HubSpot.
    * HubSpot's Traffic Analytics feature is not available for HubSpot free accounts.

  • It only works in the published website and it won't work in the live preview.

Setup instructions

1, Select Settings icon in the top right corner of the screen.

2, Select Tracking Code from the left menu.

3, Copy the number portion of the embed code

4, Go to Home in the STUDIO dashboard and select HubSpot Tracking. Then, paste the number portion of the embed code.

That's it!

It may take some time for the integration to be reflected. Once you can confirm the measurement data in "Traffic Analytics", the integration is complete.

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