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Comment in design editor
Comment in design editor

This section describes the procedure for adding and managing comments using design editor comment feature.

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Using the comment in design editor

The comment function in the STUDIO editor allows you to leave comments on elements in the editor. The function allows smooth communication when multiple people are working on a site by leaving comments for each other.

For example, you can efficiently provide feedback on requests for design modifications, requests for additional content, etc.

This feature is available to all permissions, including writer permissions.

Screenshot: using the comment function in the STUDIO editor.

How to use the comment

By switching to comment mode, you can add and review comments. While comment mode is enabled, design editing, such as changing the layout and style, is not possible.

Activating the comment mode

Switch to comment mode by using the shortcut key C in the editor or by clicking on the icon at the bottom left of the screen.

To switch off the comment function, do the same steps again, press the shortcut key escape or v or click on the canvas.

Screenshot: activating the comment function.

Adding comments

Enter and send a comment directly on the clicked element.

*Currently only text input is supported.

Screenshot: adding comments using the comment function.

Checking Comments

In comment mode, you can see all comments in the project in the list displayed on the right side of the screen. Click on a comment in the list or icon to see the details of the comment.

Screenshot: narrowing down the list of comments.

Filtering comment list

From the filter icon, you can filter out comments that have been resolved or added within the current page.

Screenshot: filtering the list of comments.

Editing Comments

You can edit the comments you have added. Edit and submit from the menu in the upper right corner of the comment.

Screenshot: editing an added comment.

Showing and Hiding Comments

Comments that you have reviewed can be marked as resolved (hidden). Click the check mark in the upper right corner of the comment or hover over the comment in the comment list.

Screenshot: showing comments being resolved.

Once a comment has been resolved (hidden), it can be returned to unresolved (shown) later. Resolved comments are narrowed down in the list and made unresolved.

Screenshot: showing unresolved comments.

Deleting Comments and Threads

You can completely delete your own comments that you have added from the three-point menu in the upper right corner. Please note that once a comment is deleted, it cannot be restored.

Screenshot: deleting a comment.

You can also delete a thread to which you first added a comment. When you delete a thread, the comments of other members will be deleted at the same time.

Screenshot: deleting a thread.

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