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Design mode / Content mode
Design mode / Content mode

Content mode allows you to only edit text and image

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Enabling the content mode allows you to edit only the content of the boxes, such as the text image and icon, without changing the layout or the style. You can also update the site while in this mode.

Click on the content mode button in the lower-left corner of the editor to switch.

The design / Content mode setting is based on users, not projects. Enabling content mode does not affect other members' editor modes.

The elements listed below are not editable in the content mode. You can edit them in the design mode or CMS dashboard.

  • Symbols: In design mode

  • List: In design mode

  • Site setting/Page setting: In design mode

  • Page name, Path, and Page type: In design mode

  • CMS property connected box: CMS dashboard

Members with writer rights in content mode

Writer permissions are only available with Business and CMS plans and limit the scope of editing. You can access content mode in the editor with writer permissions.

Members with writer permissions have limited editing access in the Editor and CMS Dashboard. In the editor, they can edit in content mode.

In addition to the items that are not editable in the content edit mode, the following items are restricted when using the content edit mode with writer permissions.

  • Publish/Unpublish site

  • Create/delete Live preview URL

  • Switching to editor mode

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