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Adding a table of contents to CMS items
Adding a table of contents to CMS items

Add and design a table of contents.

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You can change a tag type of each text in the CMS item (post type). When a table of contents is inserted, the headings set in the body are automatically displayed as the article's table of contents. You can partially style the table of contents in the design editor.

How to add a table of contents

Click where you want to insert a table of contents, press the + button, and select Table of contents.

The headings from 1 to 3 will appear as a table of contents.

*If there is no text with heading tags, only the table of contents block will appear.

*Headings from 4 to 6 will not appear in the table of contetnts.

Edit the styles in the design editor

Go to the CMS item's dynamic page, and place a richtext box on the page to display the table of contents you inserted in the CMS dashboard.

You can edit the styles: font, color, line height, etc., from both the block and text tab in the style menu.


  • You can't insert other elements: icons, and images, in the table of contents block.

  • The conditional hover style is applied to the text element in the table of contents in default. When you hover over the text element, their opacity will change.

  • The conditional hover style, set to links ( <a> tags ) in the body, will also be applied to the texts of a table of contents.

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