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Visibility range for each page
Visibility range for each page

On a public site, you can make certain pages private.

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Projects that have upgraded to the Starter, CMS, or Business plans can limit the range of visibility for each page.

This allows you to make your site public while keeping certain pages private.

Note that the Live Preview does not make the page private, but allows you to see the page. If you cannot see some of the pages on the public site, please check the page visibility setting.

How to set up

When you open the "Page Settings" tab in the Settings panel, you will see the "Page Visibility." There, you can choose to make the page public to "Everyone" or "Private".

If you set it to "Private" and then publish or update your site, you will see a 404 page (or the top page if you have not set a 404 page) when you access that page on your public site.

From the Pages panel on the left side of the screen, you can see a list of pages that you have set to be private.

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