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Language settings for public sites
Language settings for public sites

Configuring the language settings of websites can be useful for browsing users

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Websites are accessed by people from many different language areas.

When people in different language areas from your website's language access your site, they generally use translation tools. However, sometimes the translation tools cannot determine the target language well.

As a result, even though the user has arrived at the page you have created, they may not be able to read it because they do not understand the language. It means that you will miss out on users (viewers) who might find the content presented on your site a good fit and lead to inquiries.

This is just one of the use cases.

For example, in the future, when voice searches are performed on smart speakers or TVs, the translated contents of websites may also be searched.

This will only be possible if everything is translated correctly by translation tools.

Even if you don't find the effect right away, we recommend that you set your language preferences.

How to set it up

You can set the language in the "Language" field of the settings panel on the right side of the screen.

If you set it in "Page Settings", the language you set will be applied only to the page you are currently viewing.

If you set it in "Site Settings", it will be applied to all pages.

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