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How to set Facebook Pixel
How to set Facebook Pixel

How to set Facebook Pixel on your STUDIO site

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💡 This function is available in the paid plan

Requirements for use

  • Use of a paid plan

  • Use of your own domain (not available on STUDIO subdomain

* Please contact Facebook for more information on Facebook Pixel.

Setup steps

1. Authenticate your domain with Facebook

Authenticate your domain with Facebook to track web events using Facebook Pixel.

*You can use it without authentication, but conversion events cannot be measured normally on iOS 14 or later devices.

As of April 2021, there are three types of authentication methods.

  • DNS settings

  • HTML file upload

  • meta tag authentication

"HTML file upload" and "meta tag authentication" cannot be set in STUDIO. Please authenticate the domain in "DNS Settings".

DNS settings are not performed on STUDIO, but on the registrar (domain management service) that subscribes to the domain. For details, please contact the contracted service/company.

2. Embed Facebook Pixel in STUDIO

Go to Apps on your project dashboard.

You can enter your ID by clicking on the Facebook Pixel field.

Enter and save and you're done.

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